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Originally Posted by mallard13 View Post
<sigh> After failing with the Dropbox technique I tried the email technique on my 1st Gen iPod Touch. No luck there either. The acsm file didn't show up as a 'active' file, so nothing happened when I tapped it. The pdf file attachment opened as blank pages. I'm not using the gmail app, but am using the iPod email reader set up for gmail. I wonder why the attached file isn't 'active'.

Finally, when I connect my iPod to my PC, there is no Documents pane when I select Bluefire under the Apps tab for my device in iTunes, so I cannot transfer the book that way either.

Sorry you're frustrated. Are you using the latest versions of everything? Try the icab method I mentioned above and see if that works for you - hope it does! Maybe your iPod is too old to support this?
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