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Originally Posted by johnstu View Post
Firstly can I say thanks to Micah and his colleagues for such a great app.

Big snip.........

Open the Dropbox app and go to the Trackr folder which should have been created. Locate the .acsm file in there and select it. It should open as a text file. click the forward icon in the bottom right hand corner this gives you the option to open in Bluefire. Do that.

Bluefire should open automatically and download the book. Ta-daa finished.

Am a bit annoyed that this method meant that the only person who made any money out of me here was the Trackr chap, I don't begrudge him his money but would have preferred to have given some to Bluefire if anyone is getting any.
I too thank Micah & his team for creating Bluefire.

I was very interested in trying the Dropbox method of transferring a library book to Bluefire on my iPod Touch - 1st Gen.

I finally had a chance to try it just now, but.....
there is no Forward Icon in the lower right corner of the Dropbox app when I open the acsm file in Dropbox. Anyone with any idea why this is missing or what I might be doing incorrectly?
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