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johnstu has learned how to buy an e-book online
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I've been able to bypass the computer entirely when borrowing a book from the library

Firstly can I say thanks to Micah and his colleagues for such a great app.

I'm pretty happy because I've been able to complete the selection, download and starting to read an ebook from Surrey Libraries to my iPhone without touching the computer.While other people have posted about getting the book after using a computer to upload the .acsm file to Dropbox, I don't think anyone else has posted about using the idevice to get the .acsm into dropbox. Here's how I did it:

I used three apps
Dropbox (free)
Trackr ~ Dropbox uploader (1.19)
and of course
Bluefire reader (free)

Most folks are probably familiar with Dropbox, and everyone on this thread is familiar with Bluefire; Trackr, you may not know (I didn't until this afternoon) it allows you to upload items from the web to dropbox using the iDevices.

First step is to launch Trackr and navigate to your library's website (it was my first time using Trackr so I just used the Google link on the homescreen and got to Surrey Libraries from there).

Once at the library website on the browser within Trackr find a book you want and check it out in the normal fashion. Then, on the download page you hit the icon in the top right corner (sort of like wifi in an intray) then click on the download link. Select "Upload to Dropbox" . This will save the .acsm file to your Dropbox account (it lets you create a Dropbox account if you don't already have one).

Open the Dropbox app and go to the Trackr folder which should have been created. Locate the .acsm file in there and select it. It should open as a text file. click the forward icon in the bottom right hand corner this gives you the option to open in Bluefire. Do that.

Bluefire should open automatically and download the book. Ta-daa finished.

Am a bit annoyed that this method meant that the only person who made any money out of me here was the Trackr chap, I don't begrudge him his money but would have preferred to have given some to Bluefire if anyone is getting any.

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