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Originally Posted by JCKobo
Hmm - that seems to be an oversight. Let me see what I can do to get that added to github.

Any other missing dependencies?
That's the dependency which I got stuck on although I've had very little experience with coding for ARM on linux and no experience at all with QT. When I wasn't able to get the existing poker app compiled I moved on to other things since like I said, the poker app is where I saw interesting possibilities for homebrew.

Going back to the original topic I see 4 different homebrew approaches:
1. Total firmware replacement.
2. UI-less changes.
3. Extending the current UI.
4. Hacks which replace various parts of the existing firmware (to change the off screen, etc).

For #2 we probably could alter the bootscripts so we can run our own compiled code before starting Kobo's UI (appears to be codenamed Nickel?). This could lead to some interesting homebrew tools to be combined with the Calibre plugin which works with the sqlite DB. I haven't used the Calibre plugin myself but I assume it's modifying the sqlite DB on the Kobo's on-board memory, with homebrew we could develop a tool to sync between the onboard sqlite DB and a memory card sqlite so that the Kobo could be used completely without a PC.

I see the use-case for #3 being the most useful/interesting, it would be possible to write our own readers for text files and develop other apps. Perhaps even work with the onboard sqlite DB if the current Kobo software doesn't keep the DB locked all the time.
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