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EDITē: Or it might have been actually, as, according to our wiki, the Mini was originally released on 2.1.4...
Yep, that was it! Lol. I finished the firmware install awhile ago, I mistyped when I wrote that. I am now at the latest firmware version 3.19. All I'm trying to do now is download the proper binary, but my downloads keep failing. But since I have your attention, the process should just be extracting the "" straight into the ".adds" directory, yes? The directions here:
Extract the koreader folder of the zip into the .adds directory of your device. If you are using a version of KSM older than version 8, please extract to the .kobo folder instead.
instruct me to extract a folder of the zip, and this would I imply that I must extract/decompress the zip first, then find a compressed 'koreader' folder to extract to .adds.. So I'm a little confused at the terminology there. Perhaps I'm supposed to copy the koreader folder after extracting the zip (probably, I just want to be safe so I don't have to factory reset again)? Thanks so much for the help I can't wait to wrap this up!

EDIT: Installation complete! I extracted the zip, and copied the koreader folder into .adds, ejected safely and rebooted and all was well. I think all of my problems boiled down to the prehistoric firmware I was using.
EDIT^2: And as a quick question, what do KFMon and Plato offer over KSM and KoReader?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP!!! I always forget what a big part of my life my Kobo w/ KoReader is until something happens.

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