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Didn't refresh the page before I wrote my last post, for the most part I'm just playing around to see what I can do but I have a few ideas of things to implement, a better statistics screen that shows more stats and possibly a solitaire game that generates winnable decks.

The main reason for using NickelHook was to implement directly into the Nickel platform (via the more menu), and to use the built in Qt without having to kill Nickel in order to start a new app / view. This last one was the downer for me after looking at how other standalone apps run on the Kobo, I don't want to kill Nickel in order to show a new view where as with NickelHook I can keep Nickel alive.

I have learnt the hard way about putting an error in my code that hooks up to Nickel, wiped my Kobo a few times - thankfully it's an old Aura H2O which I've just replaced so nothing lost.

I won't end up conflicting with NickelMenu or anything else, I might be tempted to raise a PR against NickelMenu that would allow NickelMenu to appear inside of the More menu, this would then conflict. I haven't looked into why it clashes, but I was thinking NickelHook could provide some common hooks to inject into, making it easier for other things to add into places that other NickelHook apps use - this is very much a case of thinking outloud rather than a solid suggestion.

I would be interested to know if theres away to do a standalone app that doesn't require Nickel to be killed whilst still relying on the platforms Qt, instead of building a new Qt.

I haven't seen any issues with Ghidra with the configuration I've used it seems to of disassembled pretty much everything inside of, finding the correct arguments, classes and possible names for everything. I had to disassemble a few times to get it to do this but for the most part it seems to be behaving well.
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