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Thanks that's helpful, I've tried a few disassemblers but they haven't been particularly useful so far though I've only had a quick play. I will give Ghidra a try, I did have a look at Hopper but I'm on a Windows machine so will leave that as a last resort.

Thankfully I've used Qt a lot for work so it's something (I'm sadly ...) very familiar with but injections into hidden code is something new to me.

From what I've tried as well it seems NickelHook doesn't support multiple hooks to the same "end point", whoever hooks last seems to win - not surprising based on the complexity this adds. As a quick way to get started I wanted to hook into the main navigation bar whilst keeping NickelMenu active. Since that worked but prevented NickelMenu from appearing I figured I could hook into NM's override function but for some reason the symbol for that can never be found (this was all a very quick hack to get started so I might of missed something.
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