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Finding hooks for NickelHook

Sorry if this has been asked already or if it's completely off topic, I've tried to search around but haven't found anything that offers any insight for finding hooks for using with NickelHook.

I've managed to use NickelHook to hook into QTs `addWidget` which is easy enough as the method signature is known from the documentation but waiting for a certain widget to be attached and looking through everything that gets added isn't ideal - though it's possible.

I'm hoping to hook into a function that's inside of ``, finding the method name isn't a problem (nm makes that easy), but finding the return type or arguments seems like a whole other ballgame.

I'm hoping someone has some suggestions or ideas on the best way to find the function arguments so I can use them with NickelHook - I'm looking for what writes the `More` menu so I can add my own entry to the menu.
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