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Originally Posted by KevinH View Post
I can not recreate any crashing issue related to split at markers in Sigil-1.4.2 but I have been able to recreate your issue about broken links (and the fix is in master).

The only workaround for Sigil-1.4.2 to fix the broken links is to do a find and replace on the file you are going to split and replace bare fragment links "ie. href="#myid" with the current file name so that it looks like the following (assuming the name of your big file is Section0001.xhtml).


Before running split at markers. In my testing this prevents the link breakage at least for a single split.

Turning Off Preview will definitely help with really large single files. Running Mend and Prettify on it to insert proper end of line markers will also help speed up editing. And when splitting manually or one at a time with split markers, you should always spilt off the bottom of the file (after fixing the hrefs as I pointed out earlier).

A better technique after fixing the bare links to prevent the bug, would be to use Find And Replace to auto insert all of the split markers and then run split at markers in order to take advantage of concurrent threads.

If you are doing lots of splitting from a big file you may want to revert to Sigil-1.3.0 instead of doing the workaround suggested above.

Thanks for all the tips. I will be reverting, for now, to 1.3.0. I had auto inserted split markers but it wasn't having it! I will await further developments.
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