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I ended up doing a full sync of my Calibre library to dropbox, which took a few days. The app is now working properly, and changes to my Calibre metadata are updated when I refresh.

A few suggestions, if it is possible would be to see the file format and/or the file size from the current view. If that is not possible, at least on the details page. At the moment, the only way to see this info is to click on a book, then click the dropbox button, then click download. Too many clicks

I would be highly unlikely to want to open a PDF on my Android smartphone, I would only open PDFs on my iPad in Marvin.

Also, some different views would be good. A cover grid view would be nice, with big covers, at least double the size they are now. Something like 3x3 covers visible at one time would be good for me.

It would also be logical that if you are on the details page of a book, if I could do a side swipe to go to the details of the previous/next book in my library.


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