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shadoooo began at the beginning.
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ADVBOOT: new startup script for application selection

Finally I had the time to merge all the test scripts and to prepare
some not-very-ugly bitmaps for the startup script.
Here there's the installer.

Basically you need to upgrade KOBO to version 2.10.0,
then install koreader skipping all the stuff related to fmon and .png icon.
Basically you need to have the koreader folder in /mnt/onboard/.kobo
As last step, install the attached file, it will create the folder
/mnt/onboard/.kobo/advboot containing all scripts and bitmaps.
The archive contains also a new rcS file that manage to start in sequence other scripts that could be present in subfolders of advboot path.
Scripts could be executed during the boot sequence at three stages:
- scripts in init_run folder will be executed just after the system mounted the needed devices and checked for updates, but before any other action, including graphic boxes turning black and white at startup.
Here I placed my script to allow the application selection.
- scripts in pre_run will be executed just before nickel launch.
- scripts in post_run will be executed just after nickel launch. Here I throw in the script that checks for selected application, and if koreader was selected, kills nickel after five seconds and launches koreader.

Please try it and let me know your thoughts.

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