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Fonts and Mods Here

I thought I'd start a thread for posting and replying to requests for slight modifications to fonts and their glyphs.

If there's anything you've wished you could change in your font, just let me know, whether it be
- the glyphs themselves,
- the line gaps (yes they can be changed so that the (SHIFT ALT 1-2-3 etc) Kindle line spacing is different (smaller or bigger) for the font
- the glyph spacing (within its own margins) and kerning (how its spaced next to particular glyphs - perhaps you've always thought that one letter in particular is always a little too far to the left or right when its in the middle of a word.

I'm only a newbie at this stuff, but I'm really enjoying it and have got the hang of a lot of it.

I will provide screenshots as separate posts so as to not clutter up the initial post.

Please Note: I have provided my modified version of Museo Slab as a means of "getting the ball rolling", so to speak. I haven't quite finished modifying it yet, but will change this note and replace the attachment when it is finished. In the future, I will try to release only final versions, but will post mods for appraisal as well. I am also happy to email them to you (especially if its just a one glyph change to a font that wouldn't really constitute as a full modification).

Museo Slab - currently my font in use (love it)

currently only Serif_Regular.ttf has been modified (the one that matters), but all 4 relevant fonts are provided in the attachment

"t" - made it a bit taller, and dropped down and shortened the serif hook at the bottom
"f" - dropped down the crossbar (still not 100% happy with it)
"y" - slightly thickened the start of the tail... it wasn't rendering very well
"l" - shortened the serif hook at the bottom
"s" - stretched it horizontally (it looked like it wanted to topple over... still not 100% happy with it)
" - thinned the double quotation marks a bit
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