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Back in the day, the friendly folks at Borland said we couldn't have a peer-to-peer network with Paradox. Well, I cobbled together Paradox and Lantastic and sort of disagreed with them. They basically said, "Wait and see ..." Well, I didn't. I called in Henrik Bechmann who was one of the bigger names in the field at the time and HE spread the developmental group around to include people in the US, Australia and more here in Canada. At this point, I was just the guy with the original idea. But what emerged was what Borland said could NOT be done ... a peer-to-peer network with Paradox DOS. I'd added some piece work-at-home capability and the little company here really became good enough at entering in warranties for a particular company, adding cheating detection and narrowing the area where the product needed toughening to warrant adding the extra cost, that we ended up with the American business too, which increased the company's profit ten-fold. It was delightful working with the TRUE Borland experts. Learned a lot.

The sad thing is that Paradox, which had been rock solid for a quarter-century, got broken badly by the Fall 2017 Windows 10 Update. REALLY broken. It was almost like Microsoft took one last shot at their once fierce programming language competitor and said, "Take that Borland. Er Codegear. Err Embarcadero!" And I'm missing a few more intermediary names at that. And today, Microsoft says something similar to it's Windows 7 users. Sad. Really Sad.
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