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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
More than 100 shelves? Why do you have so many? I am genuinely intrigued?
On Goodreads, shelves are functionally equivalent to tags (the name sometimes throws people off, but they're really just tags). I've gradually taken to using more and more tags for my books (a few are status based, such as reading, own, or to-buy; while most represent either genre and/or topic), so the numbers have gradually grown. I know of people on Goodreads who have hundreds of shelves (I have maybe 120 at this point).

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
Originally Posted by msr
Or creating tags in calibre for a book that match all of the shelves it's on in Goodreads (that is, rather than pulling all books from a shelf, pull all shelves for a book).
This sounds a fairly unique requirement. The data is available in the API for every book as to what shelves you have it on but I don't make use of it. What exact example scenario do you have where this would be useful?
Actually, I don't think it is at all (unique) and strikes me as one of the more common things someone might want to do. If you view the shelves as tags and you've already spent a lot of time tagging books in Goodreads, wouldn't you want to use those same tags in calibre?

Just as an example, a number of months ago I got a free ebook copy of Kim Harrison's Dead Witch Walking, which I happened to have already read. It was already on Goodreads with the following "shelves": dark-fantasy, fantasy, fiction, horror, low-fantasy, paranormal-romance, read, romance, urban-fantasy, vampires

It'd be nice to link the ebook to my record already on Goodreads and automatically create/populate all of those tags in Calibre since I've already gone through the effort of creating my own tag structure. I currently do not have a 1:1 correspondence between my Goodreads "tags" (i.e. shelves) and my Calibre tags (I have way fewer Calibre tags), and I waffle on whether I even want this, but if I do decide to go down that path, your plug-in could be the easiest way to achieve it.

I personally have a lot less interest in the community meta-data, but others live and die by it.
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