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Originally Posted by speakingtohe View Post
Kindle sucks at a lot of things. TTS is especially unpleasant. Web browsing... I have yet to get interested enough to try it, and I am generally curious about these things.

I got the kindle 3 for my mother (85)and suspect that it was a mistake. However she can have my Sony if she wants it instead. Next week is her birthday so we shall see

I do use the kindle collection manager while putting books on for her as Kindle menus seem a bit haphazard without it.


I got my mom, who's just a little younger than your mom, a Kobo on Mother's Day this year. Despite the fact that the first one died two weeks later (putting in a too-large SD Card MIGHT have had something to do with it) and the replacement died in June after a Chapters store clerk bricked it when trying to 'fix' a page-skipping issue, Mom loves her basic little reader. The first replacement took three weeks, the second one about a week. So, given the slothliness of the Kobo Classic in turning on and turning pages, you'd think she'd at least LOOK at the Kindle3 when she was here this week. Nope. And now that she has the routine of adding books from Calibre to her Kobo down pat, I suspect she'll be blissfully finishing off the last of the Fern Michaels and Beverly Barton books she hasn't read. I figure that'll keep her contented until about next September.

Like you, I'm using the Kindle3 as a reader. I can gripe about the title browser, but honestly, Chaley has made a major in-roads on that area as far as I'm concerned. I'd like 'this and that' to be better, but can live with 'this and that' being just what they are right now. I knew I wasn't getting a device that would read 8x10 PDFs (An Android Tablet of some sort will eventually scratch that itch). For me, the Kindle3 is doing exactly what I want and I am contented.

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