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Hi Folks !

I just installed the latest firmware (2.1.0) which includes the annotation function.

But first: Is it possible, to have as the switch off screen the last page you read ? Living now in Taipei, the map on my PB is a very useful thing - but I onyl need it when I travel to a new place - with often 20 min. in between. Always waiting 30 s to reload what I had previously already on my screen is a bit annoying. So, the best would be, I could always have the last map on my screen in the off-modus. That would be very convenient !

But back to annotation. Well, as I just have to correct a huge manuscript, to send the manual corrections back via EMail. What a pain ! Well, it is nice to see some slow progress from PB - but it entirely fails to work for me. :-(. PDFs are not supported.

I would suggest, that one of the PB programmers would just go for one week on a (paid) vacation - just with the PB - and with the duty to correct a 100 page manuscript (and with some pages which require many corrections). He/she would immidiatly realize the problems: Intensive corrections are impossible because a) you have no space to place the corrections without overwriting the manuscript text and b) space limitations.

What would be reasonable (and would be immidiatly realized by a PB programmer during travel), to mark some words / sentences / paragraphs - and to attribute some text to them, which you can individually switch on and off. Therefore, such an approach would open a 3rd dimension (to the otherwise 2d representation of any text), giving more or less infinite space - and for example by leaving a simple symbol above the text at the indicated position the ability to zoom / to see where corrections / annotations were made.

I think, I already made once the suggestion to send a programmer onto a paid vacation many months earlier. Sometimes, I do that with my workers. Amazing, the workers do work better, more efficient and are more relaxed.


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