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Originally Posted by andiskater View Post
Wow, this seems really complicated... Honestly: Despite your nice tutorial, I won't even try it. Why? Even in your tutorial you experience several problems and I expect that there will be even more problems, because of different versions and my lack of Linux knowledge. I have already spend too many hours finding, compiling and installing various Linux applications, and most of the time I did not reach my goal...

It world be a really great help if someone could setup a complete development environment for the DR1000S and provide it as a vmware image (seed it as a torrent).
It looks a lot worse than it really is. Since I've documented all the pitfalls and problems I saw it looks a little messy and I'm thinking of ways to clean that up. I just wanted to include as much info as possible in what I saw and what I did to fix it - that way if people see the same problems then they'll know why.

That said, though - if you had no intention of setting up the development environment then you probably still won't after looking at the tutorial - if you DID plan on setting up the environment, then this will help you and I hope I haven't discouraged you.

As for complications with different versions - are you talking about the Linux distribution? If you want a VMware image it will have a specified distro on there already, and if you want to install your own I would say you should stick to the versions in the tutorial to make things easier. The project versions from iRex are always evolving along with the device, so even if you don't setup the environment at least you can use the project installation and upgrade parts of the tutorial.
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