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i ordered two pocketbook 912, one had shown soon the color fading described in other threads. i sent it back.

the other one is working well. with fine grey shadings it is little better than the onyx boox at pdfs. i find it not too slow too. for the first start with big documents it takes a while. but then when opening again it is quick.

page turning is also quite good. no waiting time. page jumping no problem.

it has a good mode for pdfs when you take the sheet square. it shows everything big enough. not really in normal mode, for the, at least for me, not found options in scrolling to the sides..

it has no mode to move the page with the pen. so with graphics in the pdf, it cuts them in half. it ends quite okay at last line and beginning at next. but at graphics or illustrations and so on this is not optimal.

so that means i find the possible options not very big. my question. do i miss something?

for example the page turn at zoom jumps always its lines. no adjusting possible? the side scroll just possible with the button left and is very very tiny amount. no change possible?

don't know, thought pocketbook is somewhat open device, or has wide controlling options, maybe with other applications, i don't know. or i missed something in the menu.

all i wrote is concerning pdfs. so maybe it is different with epub and so. don't looked into too much, yet.

so don't know maybe with some addition in the adjustment it could get better. do i miss something. or has it just these limitations?

help like every time is appreciated.

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