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my new pocketbook 912 questions

i see questions appearing while i play with my new pocketbook 912. i thought i make a new thread, where you can help me! questions that will decide if i will keep it or not.

First and important:
I zoom in a pdf for nice big letters and now i need to go little up and down and left an right. But how? the pen won't move the side. and the buttons do the move only very slight, too slight.????

it won't accept changings in keymapping, i change, go out, no change when i press the buttons, same old feature. In the menue it changed, but not in real.

power management function is alone in config/clock/power down after?

then after 20 minutes i get that screen. and that means it is off now and won't drain battery? because i think i had that and the battery was in the morning cero. but i'm not sure. but it must.


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