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Originally Posted by Question Mark View Post
So far as I know, nobody has been able to successfully install Google Play yet. Hopefully, somebody will eventually work out a way. Although I have been able to easily sideload most of the apps that I use, there are several that require Google Play services to run.

As far as ereadering apps, I have installed the free version of Moon + Reader, Librera Reader, Cool Reader, AIReader and FullReader. All seem to work fine, but Moon + Reader would be my primary one as it is the only one that can handle furigana in Japanese properly. Just wish that I could get the Pro version of Moon + Reader working on this phone, but it apparently needs Play Services to run.

Haven't had all that much time yet to play around with my A5. Am hoping to do more so over the weekend. However, I am greatly liking it from my limited experience with it so far. Much prefer it to the A2 Pro.

Thanks a lot for this. Hopefully I'll be able to get my indispensable apps without Google Play by directly getting the apk files but we'll see. I'll also post here once I have tried the A5 and give some user feedback.
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