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Today I was at a picnic in a park and as I tried to video tape and tried to call from my cellphone, I realized just how much I appreciated e-ink.

For me, the reason I got into ebooks was because of traveling. And for that reason Mac's Ipad is too lunky. I can read on the metro with one hand on the rail and the other on my Kindle. And I know I couldn't do that with the Ipad. Though admittedly I haven't seen one in the wild. I did have someone ask me if my kindle was an Ipad. I couldn't help but say, "No, it's something better."

Ultimately the only way to see if it's the best ereader is to see how it affects the market of ebooks. I daresay the vast majority of Ipad owners are movie downloaders, but not book downloaders.

Actually, for my foster son, a Ipad would have been a more appropriate device than the netbook I bought him (except for the extra $100 price and the lack of usb and flash). He never does any actual work on it, just facebooks and watches movies.

And I think that's where Mac's Ipad shines. It's a consumer device, not a producer device. I can't imagine myself writing a simple document on a touch screen. Maybe a hunt and peck kind of guy who looks at the keyboard all the time to type anyway it'd be ok. But yeah, for buying e-products, playing cell phone type games, babysitting grandkids, I think it's great.

If I really wanted that stuff though, I would still get Mac's Iphone. It's portable and I could make phone calls and take pictures and whatnot.
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