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I've been reading ebooks on devices starting with a Palm 505, then Sony, Kindle and nook readers and an iPad. The iPad is the winner hands down. It is heavier than other devices, but that's why pillows were invented, I prop the iPad on one at night in bed! Also, most people don't read holding the reader in "free air", they usually have it resting on a table, their lap etc. Reading outside isn't a problem unless you hold the iPad so the Sun is directly reflected on the front glass. I just tilt it a bit.

What makes iBook nice is the dictionary, book marks etc. I've tested it while reading books like "Impact" on words like chondritic (a stony meteorite containing small mineral granules) and it was quick and easy. A couple of taps and there's the answer. No moving a cursor around waiting for each eink page change.

Also, load a few PDF books or magazines into the Goodreader app and it'll knock your socks off!

The biggest issue with the iPad and serious readers is the number of books available from Apple. They are way behind Amazon, B & N and Sony. I'm assuming they'll catch up, but "61 Hours" by Lee Child is available from the previously mentioned sources but isn't available from Apple as of last night.

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