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Any chance that Page Edit will automatically refresh when changes are made in the coding? I don't see a function anywhere in page edit to allow me to refresh.

Also - it would be helpful if there weren't a delay when I try to open Page Edit and if opening each new xhtml file didn't require opening another new window. I've got way too many windows open already on multiple screens so adding more windows to my workflow is really not helpful.

I've been using Sigil for years now - I'm a book designer who does ebook conversion CORRECTLY. I actually do know HTML and use it to clean up what InDesign does. I specialize in making beautiful and functional ebooks to match the print books that I produce for clients.

So I'm not afraid of the coding. I really love it, but I am a visual person and really need to be able to verify quickly that my coding adjustments have rendered the desired results.

For now I'm reverting back to 9.14 since I can't afford to slow down my workflow. Hoping that Page Edit will continue to get better and that I'll be able to make the shift eventually though. I'll keep checking back.
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