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Here's something for the Wishlist: I have the Project Gutenberg DVD (~40K Books). While it's easy to import the books into a new Calibre Library the book titles are displayed by PG's number or alphanumeric ID and there is no other metadata displayed. The books are mostly Text and/or HTML format with some exceptions. PG publishes a listing of all their books as either a text, XML/RDF or MARC Records file which includes the required title/author/ID, etc. Is it possible to create an import list from that file that will import the numbered books from the DVD and add the correct metadata from the list. Would probably work with their other CD/DVD's too.

Here's the relevant url's:

PG also has several lists on their website (with books in ePub, Mobi, etc. formats), could they be made into an import list?

Online Catalog:

Top 100:

RSS feed of recent books:
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