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I have just reinstalled 1.7.1 on my reader and extracted the contents of the attached file to the root of my SD card. (the binaries are all the same as the previous version, I added a gconf reset script and may have changed some small things in the install scripts).

I then executed:
- Reset GConf Settings
- Install DjVu Plugin

now I can view DjVu files. Annotations work too.

After I have done a bit more testing myself, I'll open another thread to ask for more testing. I'll also post the source code shortly (It's 99% based on the PDF plugin and it inherits its features like prerendering and caching, that's why it only took me two days to write (although not all features have been implemented yet, see below))

What works (most of the features are provided by UDS, so come 'free' for all plugins):
- zooming, hide margins, rotation (as with PDF, hide margins is slower, it's best to manually select the crop region), selection zoom/panning, full screen
- annotations
- prerendering/caching
- bookmarks, thumbnails

what doesn't:
- searching (it will never return any results)
- table of contents

Steps to get it running in the emulator:
- start ith a clean image: poky-image-ion-devel-qemuarm-20090819075310.rootfs.exts
- start poky-qemu
- log in via ssh (ssh root@ )
# mkdir /media/mmcblk0p1
# cd /media/mmcblk0p1
# scp user@host<img src=" .
# scp user@host:test.djvu .
# unzip
# /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm restart
- execute Documents/Programs/Install/Install DjVu Plugin
- virtual machine reboots, restart QEMU
- open Documents/test.djvu
- enjoy
- report any bugs

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