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An issue with latest KPF formats and conversion

I was getting a errors converting my latest KPF formatted files and I simply changed them from self.log.error to self.log.debug and the conversions went ok. Not a lot of documentation to figure out why this is an issue. Hopefully, you can figure it out

section_position_id_map has 4240 eids, 2 missing: HGd8K2A1Q-2ANB28cOTEWA111/4241, HGd8K2A1Q-2ANB28cOTEWA111/4242
Built location_map with 7191 locations from 4278 eids and 790910 positions
missing numeric id for kfx_id symbols: HGd8K2A1Q-2ANB28cOTEWA111, HGd8K2A1Q-2ANB28cOTEWA112
kfxgen version: kfxlib-20180319/KC-
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