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Originally Posted by Shaggy View Post
I see there's a sysclient that can be called with sysShutdown. This in turn leads to sys_standby(). That's where we have the branch between the DR800 and DR1000. The DR800 goes to prepare_standby() and the DR1000 goes to do_poweroff().

If we add a new argument to sysclient like userShutdown, and make a clone of sys_standby(), something like user_standby() that doesn't do the branch based on the device, but just goes to do_poweroff()... I think that's what we're looking for.

The only thing I've seen in do_poweroff() that is a little bit of a concern is where it unlocks/enables the DR1000 sensors. I haven't look into it deep enough to know if calling that will cause any issues on the DR800, or if we should modify on_poweroff_continue() to check for DR800 vs DR1000.

Assuming all that works, we can then create a .desktop file that calls "sysclient userShutdown".
Excellent breakdown, that is exactly what I meant. Unlocking the sensors does not apply to DR800 but it won't hurt calling the function. The standby micro of DR800 just does not support the command.
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