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Do Kindles have liquid screens that effect lighting?gut


I just signed up as I’ve been a long time paperwhite user but upgraded to an oasis 2 recently and I’ve been a little disappointed in it. It currently has very obvious lighting issues with the side being closer to the buttons brighter and the left darker. It’s bad enough that it’s really distracting me while reading and I’m not enjoying the read or getting an experience I would expect for a premium device. Before it’s mentioned yes this happens in lower and bright light settings including dark or light environments but is far less obvious in direct sunlight but I could read in pitch black on PW3.

I was doing some testing and thought you guys probably know a ton more than me about this stuff so here goes... I don’t own a case yet so the oasis 2 is constantly on an incline while not being used and the button area is higher. I was thinking if the kindle uses a liquid in its display is it all draining down to the lower section and causing it to make the left side look darker? I can’t test for a couple of days but before I attempt to return it I thought I would check if this theory is possible. So if I had a case or kept it flat would this fix/help it? My paperwhite were always in cases and resting flat on tables and I never had this issue.

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