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Could use a little help here

OK, I'll admit I should have known better.

I bought a Kindle from a seller on ebay who, in his listing, said he got it from a storage unit sale. He admitted that Amazon had told him it couldn't be registered. so WHAT was I thinking???!!

$55 later Amazon will not let me register it because the original owner reported that it was "lost."

All I wanted was an extra reader (I have the original Kindle and it is STUFFED to overflowing with books, many BOUGHT and some I snagged for free from Amazon. I wanted the extra Kindle so hubby could have one of his own.

So my question is ... is it possible to simply transfer MY books which are on my computer (we can't get whispernet here so I always have to use USB transfer to get them on my Kindle) to my (stupid idiotic why do I do this stuff!) "new" used Kindle?

and please don't smack me for being so STUPID!!!! I've banged my head on my desk so much in the last day I have a headache.

If I can't put any books on it I guess I'll have to sell it for parts on ebay and hope someone will take it off my hands. Otherwise I will be taking out my frustration with a LARGE hammer.

Oh yeah, it's the Wi-Fi version. And honestly I like my original Kindle a lot better.
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