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Thumbs down Used to be a great app.

So Sam,

You are in marketing. That was all I needed to hear, to know that this was all going to downhill.

An amazing app, used by many, loved. now ruined.

New developer my arse, you don't know the first thing about development, testing or even how it works, I suggest plurasight, you might learn something, it was free this month.

I will put in subscription based fees, and some marketing polls, give me a break. Sure I understand the move the a subscription modal, who wouldn't at this time, but you screwed over your existing users, but not following the apple app store guidelines.

I understand you, you saw an opportunity to make a quick buck, and thought that you would use other peoples kind generosity to support you. What a said evil person you are at a time like this, But its not quite working out for you is it, because you are not a developer who loves to help the community, your struggling with how to code, and you have no idea how to test properly. Your failing is far too obvious, you are a greedy little marketing person.

Personally I've deleted it, and I don't care if the project dies, because you sir, can talk all the words in the world, but it is just all crap.

Good bye. Sam in Marketing.
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