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@Ken Maltby awesome! i much prefer getting books that way. i'm sort of curious what kinda folder scheme you set up. i have a 'next up' directory that i sort of put everything i want to read in. but i also have category folders, but seems a bit awkward to have to switch back and forth a few times.

thanks for the answers everyone. still have this question:
1) When I attempt to export all notes from all books in EVERNOTE I see that it seems to create a new note for each book. What happens if I do an export AGAIN, will it duplicate notes? What happens if I create new notes for a book I've already exported, will it replace it?

2) I should always quit out of koreader before connecting it to my computer (for using save to disk etc) correct?

3) if i can find it, which is the *best* format for koreader? i've read pdfs/epubs on it so far. but it seems like there are some special features for djvu and pdfs files.

4) kfx doesn't seem to be supported correct

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