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Thing I'd like to see in KOReader

A small thing, but..

Settings for the history display mode can be set in the menu of the file manager - which is very counter-intuitive. History display itself has no drop-down menu, which is counter-intuitive too. I'd like to be able to set lots of properties of the history display, on the menu of the display itself.
In fact, that display could be much more general than just history, if we get a say on what to show in what order. My favourite would be: show all documents, sorted as {favourites, sorted by amount of favour} ++ {partially read, by decreasing percentage read} ++ {unread} ++ {read}. That would help me make progress in finishing books and articles while keeping special important documents at the top.


Something else: I use Calibre, and have my documents stored under D/{author_sort}/{title}. With many hundreds of articles, this has become quite unwieldy, so I'd like to switch to D/{author_sort[0]}/{author_sort}/{title} - but then I'd really very much like to have all the single-letter folders on one page, in multiple columns / tiled. So the start page would show the full alphabet (plus maybe some extra characters in foreign names), and clicking on one letter would then give me the traditional list view of authors having names starting with that letter. Would it be possible to do that - now, or in a soonish future version?
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