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thanks for the fast response!

next q; i'm setting up wallabag via your helpful server suggestion, but not sure what i need for the URL

is what i've tried without success. the api section doesn't seem to discuss what the url to use is...

UPDATE: i was able to verify with http that these are valid credentials but when i try with the following in koreader i get "could not login to wallabag server"

-- we can read Lua syntax here!
return {
["wallabag"] = {
["is_delete_finished"] = true,
["directory"] = "/mnt/us/ebooks/downloads",
["filter_tag"] = "",
["client_secret"] = "clientsecret",
["password"] = "pass",
["client_id"] = "clientid",
["is_delete_read"] = false,
["is_sync_remote_delete"] = false,
["username"] = "arooni",
["server_url"] = "",
["is_auto_delete"] = false

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