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Thanks Rkomar.
It seems that I am the first with a Touch / 622 to install your app, so maybe I am the first with that kind of problem (or maybe this is only because I have my touch only since some hours).

I succeeded in installing the app and reading cbr files. But I have the following problems.

- Even if I copy the to my /Applications/ folder, I don't see the app listed (this is minor but to let you know)

- I don't have access to some menu from your app / nor can I modify the zoom or properly quit your app. The only thing I can do once I read a cbr is going from one pics to the other with the "arrows" hard buttons and bring the summary / list of images with the "list" hard button. "Home" hard button bring me to the start but is not closing the app.

I tried every possible movements on the touch surface (clic, hold, double tap, pinch...) with no result. Could you tell me if this is the normal behavior or what I am missing?

Thanks again for this great app!
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