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Ordered mine from amazon a couple of weeks back and so far it's been pretty good.

Battery life is decent, but not awesome. So far it seems slightly less good than my primary reader (kepler pro), but a better than my previous favorite (c67ml2). No problems with backlight,

It came with ADB server running as root already. No need to root, just adb shell in. I never bothered to install a superuser app, since I could do everything i wanted to do can be done from command line.

The system image includes the usual "toolbox" multi-call binary, but in a pleasant twist, it has busybox 1.22.1 as well. A quick remount of /system as rw and busybox --install /system/xbin and you've got a usable environment.

Hardware keys work fine with FBReader, but you do need to create a keymap.xml, see for instructions.

The keymap.xml on that page will work with no modifications , but the four buttons on this device return only two keycodes--both page up buttons return the same keycode, as do the page downs. This means that you won't be able to (easily) map the right hand two as page up page down and the left two as (for instance) menu/hjome. Not as big a deal with this device as it has a hardware return button, and a helpful home button on the top bar

Side buttons are slightly clicky if noise is an issue. Addionally they seem to be easy to double trigger, can't tell quite whether thats hardware or software. May be my imagination but they seem to be more reliable with a very light touch.

No complaints about screen quality.

Works with (sideloaded) calibre companion, and recent versions of coolreader. Due to the influence of Onyx, ive become a fan of Alreader lately, but as previously mentioned it explodes on this device trying to call some onyx api that doesn't exist. Really hoping this one gets fixed.

Didn't fiddle much with the included apps.

Overall I'm happy with this device.
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