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Five Moons: Nexus of Fates Audiobook

Hey all,

Five Moons: Nexus of Fates was just released as an audiobook.

“We come in peace,” they told us when we first encountered humans. In peace, indeed, they came, but evil followed after them in their jump wakes like a foul stench. It all started out with the best of intentions, but in the end, I had the blood of four innocents on my hands. Across the vastness of space, that vile Clay of Earth did drag five nameless moons to destroy them. They flew an unmarked ship into Union Fleet space docks and marked the ship for destruction to hide the evil they had done.
At the very gates of hell, in that vast sea of despair embroiled in the wake of chaos did I find hope – a single Leaf in the Wind – Dallas Blake. In our darkest hour, did Dallas Blake first step foot upon the decks of the Five Moons and change everything. He didn’t know that the ship was never meant for sale. He only knew that this ship was nothing he expected but everything he needed, so he bought it. He knew nothing of the evil that was done. Even so, he found the crew that evil men thought were lost and gone forever. And save the Five Moons? To use his own words: Damned straight he did.
Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons went where they were needed because making a difference started with them. They fought pirates and battled Mercs in deep space. Each life they saved added to the Nexus of Fates that the Five Moons had become. When people had nowhere else to turn, they knew where to find Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons – at the Pig and Whistle on Panara-5.
But the Five Moons had become more than just the Nexus of Fates. It had become Evil’s worst nightmare. So Evil set in motion his grand plan. It was more than just a plan; it was a masterpiece of evil. Dallas Blake may have been a warrior without equal, and the Five Moons a ship like no other, but this time dark forces hunted them. They were seriously in over their heads. Despite their best efforts, like the gears of a clockwork angel of death, Evil’s plan moved relentlessly toward its inevitable conclusion.
Leaf in the Wind found beauty in the light of four moons and set them free, but he didn’t find me. Only my Leaf in the Wind can do what it takes to set me free. Unless he does, none of us will survive. I am the fifth moon.

I would like to offer some free promo codes while they last.

Please email me at fivemoonsyfy @ gmail dot com (you know how to fix this)

Bill Parker
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