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Version 0.1.8

Hi Kevin

I have tried the same file again with version 0.1.8 of ePub3-itizer, also updating the and have run the output through ePUBcheck once more. This still produces similar errors. However, nav.xhtml now opens cleanly in an external editor and I can see what the issue is, which is that the nested lists should each be contained in their own list item of the parent list (or preceding list in the hierarchy), whereas they appear as ordered lists in between list items instead of inside of one.

Interestingly if I open the page as a standalone item in any of the main web browsers all show the nested list as it should appear and do not report any errors. Technically though it is wrong, which must be what ePUBcheck doesn't like about it.

I am also getting and error for epub:type="title-page" in the Guide saying it is an undefined property, which when I look is possibly because the same href item has been put for every landmark entry. The last page in the eBook has been repeated for each of them.

I have tried it again with a slightly more complex ePUB2 file, which produces similar errors in the nav.xhtml file (and obviously still complains about the DOCTYPE in the toc.ncx). This also gives some errors in the .opf file for the use of dc:type, which is in the original and doesn't raise an error when validated as ePUB2. Without checking the specifications I am not sure if this is actually an error in ePUB3 or not.

This is still a brilliant outcome though. Being able to convert Sigil's output to ePUB3 with just a few minor details to resolve that could easily be fixed manually is a great starting point for developing high quality ePUB3.

If it might help to have some sample files to test with, either for ePUB3-itizer or for Sigil's further development, contact me directly. They would have to be provided on a non-disclosure basis though.

Thanks again for your work on this.


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