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fglaysher has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.fglaysher has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.fglaysher has a complete set of Star Wars action figures.
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Originally Posted by binky View Post
Thanks for the updates fglaysher. You might want to try using the app launcher and put a 3rd party e-book reader app on there. Something like Moon+ Reader or Aldiko.

I have Moon+ on my phone and it works brilliantly. Also allows you to change background color and all that jazz. Not sure how it works on 1.5, but there's a good chance you can find a older version of a app depending on what it is.
I have Google's Nexus S smartphone, made by Samsung, and prior to that a G1, so I've been using Android for a long time. I wasn't even aware that the Libre Touch had Android on it when I bought it, so I'm delighted! However, I've never manually installed a program. I wish it had a connect to the Marketplace so I could just automatically search, download, and install.
Maybe with time Aluratek will make that available. Their website might suggest it since it mentions something like "Applications, coming soon," whatever.

I have the Aldiko Pro on my Nexus S and would love to be able to use that too on Libre. Something to think about.

Thanks for mentioning the Moon+ which I just installed on my smartphone. I'll check it out!

Very happy with Libre Touch so far, though, again, the screen is tricky. Finger movements have to stick and drag, in a sense, not tap, to work more reliably, I'm finding. So far, a small adjustment, one that ought to be document in Aluratek's manual to help new users in my opinion, since I initially consider sending it back... until I start getting the hand of it.
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