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Okay it's working now, I will tweak my instructions here to help anyone else who has a Kobo Aura H20 Edition 2, just incase. The change I made were Frenzie's suggestion of using the stable release instead of nightly (not sure why nightly stopped working but it did), and also NiLuJe's suggestion of updating firmware of software before installing koreader.

Instructions below!


1) Factory reset
2) Log into wifi and when asked log into Raku kobo account

3) UPDATE firmware (by selecting Sync from the Menu)

4) Follow the following links to install KoReader

i. Download the latest install package for KFMon. (

ii. Extract the full content of this archive into the root directory of your device (i.e., not under any subdirectory).

iii. Download the latest release of KOReader (e.g., koreader-kobo-arm-kobo-linux-gnueabihf-v2019.03..>)

iv. Extract the koreader folder of the zip into the .adds directory of your device (a directory which may have just been created by KFMon's archive).

v. Eject & unplug your device. Nickel should then appear to be processing a book, before restarting to process an update.


5) Install dictionary via \.adds\koreader\data\dict (wikt-en-en-2018-10-07, etc)

6) Install screenshots via \.adds\koreader\screenshots (self-explanatory)

7) Install fonts via \.adds\koreader\fonts
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