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Originally Posted by EInklover View Post
Interesting. From what I understand by using Google Lens to translate the conclusions: both has the same RAM (1 GB), the iReader C6 has more vivid colors and runs a more optimized but older Android (7.0). iFlytek C1 is easier to use (thinner?) and with a flat screen, more updated Android (8.1) but worse performance and more app crashes.

The iReader C6 looks very interesting, and it has the best E-Ink color screen I've seen. It is better (more vivid colors) than the Hisense A5C too, as seen here:

I don't know how it would compare to the Hisense A5 Pro CC or the Poke2 Color. And by rooting you can run whatever app you want, anyone knows how they are doing it?

Also in this other video ( the iReader C6 is compared to the Poke2 Color using the video released from Onyx. But without having a real side by side comparison I wouldn't draw any conclusions. The most interesting part is the latest, when the iReader C6 is shown as a PC second screen.

By the way, there isn't any news about the Poke2 Color, right? The Poke2 is on stock again:
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