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I hope that the following will not open up age-old debates about e-ink for non-e-ink tablets. So many of these debates come down to first principles: what do you value? For me, I value the following:

1. Lightweight for hand holding and for being mobile. IMO, I don't think e-ink readers get enough credit for being lighter than all other tablets. This makes the experience of hand holding very different while reading.
2. Good daytime reading (very limited screen glare), good contrast
3. The ability to sync annotations and highlights with an app that can read ePubs.
3. Good compatibility with bluetooth keyboard
4. Ability to use word editing apps such as Evernote, Google Docs, etc. with minimal lag.

What I explicitly do not care for (please please please do not make an argument based on these first principles because I don't care about them!):

1. Better sleep or eye strain. IMO, there is very little evidence e-ink is better than back illuminated screens, particularly because the few published studies used back illuminated screens at full light without the use of a blue-light program such as f.lux.

That being said, I definitely think there is an advantage in the reading experience, particularly with glare and reading in full sunlight.
2. Watching videos.
3. Writing using a pen.
4. iOS apps.

I am currently on the fence in terms of returning the Boox Note or not. IMO, I have three options:

(1) Return the Boox Note for the Boox Note S and relegate it to a read-only experience. I will be largely using the Neoreader app and Instapaper for reading, but won't be doing much writing on it. With only 1g of RAM, I'm sure it will be even slower writing experience. Does anyone know what the weight difference is?

(2) Used iPad, likely the 9.7'' screen. Not as good of a reading experience, particularly in full sunlight (glare, not bright enough) and slightly heavier at around 440g. Much much better writing experience. I'll buy an matte screen protector to prevent glare.

(3) Android tablet, such as Samsung Galaxy S2, which weights slightly heavier at 390g, with matte screen protector to prevent glare. Lighter than tablet and heavier than the Boox Note. I'm not particularly beholden to iOS apps, though I know that iBooks is good for exporting annotations/highlights I make on ePubs. Is there an Android equivalent?

Thanks so much for your time and expertise!
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