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Question Sunning SICP

I'm trying to grab a copy of The Structure And Interpretation of Computer Programs from that url, and I'm having some problems. First, the url has a bare % in it, which causes Sunrise to issue an exception ( Malformed escape pair at index 60). I can strip it out easily enough, but when I do, Sunrise only seems to grab the first page.

I've set my document's properties to a link depth of 1, and it only seems to grab some of the pages. At first, I guessed that it might be the "%"s in the urls, but when I wrote some code to get rid of them, it still didn't pluck the other pages.

So now my guess is that Sunrise isn't handling links of the form:
<a name="%_toc_%_chap_Temp_2" href="book-Z-H-5.html#%_chap_Temp_2">

Is that a correct assumption? Has anyone successfully sunned the SICP? Do I _really_ need to download a copy of it, and edit all the pages myself, or switch back to JPluck?

(Oh, I should probably mention that I'm using Sunrise 0.42i on Windows XP.)


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