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Device: Kobo aura HD
Broken screen Aura HD, want to use as headless lamp stack

Hi I have spent a while trying to get linux installed on my Kobo aura HD. I want to try to use it as a headless lowpower home LAMP server.
Reason being is that the screen is broken, so its next to useless as a reader.
I have had success USB telnet into it thanks to the hacks posted but the debian images I have tried I failed to get working:
Ive tried the external SD debian/android image and the Debian .ext3 hack but somehow no success.

So has anyone got suggestions of either how to get the wifi connected via telnet, install lamp into the kobo or get debootstrap working so i can install debian or something similar. Im pretty new to linux.

Or if anyone as a KOBO aura HD image that has debian/linux working without need to dealwith busybox?

Playing around with the guides and hack so far has been a great learning experience so far btw folks, thanks for all your efforts!
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