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In the course of reviewing many ereaders over the years I have been running my blog, I find that whilst I agree with those of you who say they love the feel and lightness of "naked" ereaders, I wouldn't dream of not using a cover of some sort for the ereaders I actually use on a daily basis. I have had too many screens badly scratched by being slung about in my rug sack or pockets to take that risk any more. But you don't need to spend a huge amount of money for a reasonable cover for an ereader. I see them regularly in malls being offered for a matter of a few dollars. Perhaps not the prettiest covers in the world, but fully functional nonetheless. Shops such as Target, Wall Mart and similar often have quite a selection of cheap but useable covers. And good old Belkin produce ereader covers for just about any ereader you might happen to own.
Also Chinese sites such as DH Gate have a vast range of perfectly good ereader covers for almost nothing. So you can protect your precious ereader without spending more on the cover than you did for your ereader.
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