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Ah, multiple smaller cards better strategy than?

Originally Posted by jbjb View Post
I suspect any issues would depend on the actual number of books or their total size, rather than the capacity of the card itself.

I have an 8GB SDHC card in my 505, dramatically underused with a couple of hundred books on it, and it works fine.

In my case, I'm pretty sure the limiting factor will be (as HarryT says) the current cataloguing system - it will get unusable long before the card gets more than a fraction full.

Ah, okay, thanks for the responses! I am wondering if I can cut the tether to my computer and actually carry around my whole e-library with my e-reader; it sounds like to do this I'd want a 'manual' catalog system with multiple, labeled memory cards, maybe 4 GB's each at most...has anyone used this or another method to operate--mostly--independent of a computer hook up? Of course you'd still need to use the computer to actually add new material. And of course the Kindle would let me e-mail stuff directly, but doesn't handle the file formats that I want to use as well.
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