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Thanks for the quick responses.

I WAS using version 0.7.2 but upgraded this morning.

Actually, I didn't even transfer any ebooks to my reader using Calibre, I just looked at it. When I didn't see any obvious way to use the collections I'd already created on the reader, I decided to abandon using Calibre for any transfers and just go back to the standard way I've been doing it.

Unfortunately though, I've discovered the problem is worse than I'd first imagined.

Calibre actually DELETED all the collections I'd meticulously created off of my reader when it created it's 299 new collections. It moved books around on my reader that weren't even in the Calibre library. I cannot fathom why Calibre would actually DELETE the collections that were allready on the reader but that is what it did.

It's as if somebody took your physical library, dumped it all on the floor, and re-shelved everything in a seemingly random order. I can't find anything without going to the actual list of books.

The suggestions I've read have been helpful for the future, but at this point the only option that I can think of to return my reader to normal is to delete all the collections off of it and start over, a process which turns my stomach but looks like the only option left.

Yes, the reader DOES show up on my mac desktop as a drive, but I cannot determine which of the many files on it is the one that manages the collections. If somebody could tell me which of the files on the reader drive I need to delete to start over, that would be helpful.

Thanks for the help.
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