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Originally Posted by astra View Post
Whoever was selling the book at £4.99 was making profit, ebook is much cheaper to produce than paper, thus is could be reduced even more in price and still be a profitable sale.
I very much doubt that those stores/chains selling the book for £4.99 is making a profit. I can't tell for sure as I'm a bookseller in Sweden, but I know how much I have to pay for the book (paper) and I would definitely go out of business in a month or two if I tried those prices.

The difference in price between the paperversion and ebookversion are more to do with the fact that there's not enough people buying ebooks yet. When that evens out I predict the prices will too and eventually the ebookprices will be lower. As they well should.

(And by the way, if you bought a Sony Prs 300 or 600 from Waterstones in England you would get the ebook for free. Doesn't get any cheaper than that. But Dan Brown still gets paid, so who is making the loss? The publisher, the bookseller, or ultimately the bookbuyer? I'll give you one guess. )

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