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Originally Posted by eschwartz View Post
I doubt it, that would require figuring out how the app stores collections, and then editing the database that manages them. And I don't see how we could edit the appdata without support from within the app itself. Possibly this could be done for the Android app, though -- assuming someone put in the effort to figure out how, which is less than likely.

Marvin (iOS app) can already do that, and is pretty much the king of reading apps in iOS. (Hint, hint... )
It uses the [GUI Plugin] Marvin XD to achieve excellent integration with calibre.

You obviously won't be able to sync with Kindles, or download from the Kindle Store, though. And if any books are DRMed, you will need to deal with that too.
I see, thank you for your reply. I've been looking around for some time now, and apart from the info that Kindle collections works with tags, I haven't been able to gather much. I guess I'll wait for Amazon to integrate collections on their cloud reader as well, if it will let me manage documents as well as books, it should solve the problem. Sync for purchased books works after all, it's just for other mobi that I'm stuck with the manual procedure.
I'm still with Calibre 1.48 because of the Qt5 plugin compliance as mbovenka said, and at least I can use the iOS reader applications plugin. I'll give Marvin a try then, I mainly use my phone to read, if I can find something better than Kindle for my mobi books, and with Calibre integration, even better!
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