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I am having a few problems with cover generation.

First, when I download it sets the small emoticon from the summary as the cover image. I tried setting* but that didn't work. Why isn't it working, is it broken, or do I have the syntax wrong.

Second, in these stories, the cover generation is having problems.

In the first 2, the source for the cover image isn't there.
And in the second 2, the source image is an animated gif.

The image on the main story page is apparently converted from the source image and stored separately. When FFF goes to the source for the cover image it screws up the gif conversion and it looks horrible, and skips the missing images entirely. Could you make a change so that when it finds a missing source for the cover image, just use the cover image from the story main page. And do the same for the animated gif's, or gif's in general if that is easier. (If there isn't already a setting to fix this that I don't know about)

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