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Bookdesigner and LRF help please

I use Bookdesigner to generate LRF files for my Sony reader and have come across a snag. I find that in a line where there are two words joined by an emdash which together would not fit on the end of the line then the complete pair are pushed to a new line. Whereas it would look better if there was a break either before or after the emdash.


undecidedly— (line break)

would look much better instead of

undecidedly—whereupon (on a new line leaving large gap at end of the previous line)

Whenever I ask for help with Bookdesigner I am often told that there are better and newer programs and formats to use but after years of experimenting with these I find that, for me, this combination is the winner. I am just an old fashioned girl at heart.

I know HarryT wrote a very helpful guide on using Bookdesigner but this particular problem is not mentioned there so I would be grateful if there are any Bookdesigner diehards out there who might be able to help
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